Prescription Medication Abuse: Have you got a Problem?

Most of us have had to take prescription drugs from time to time, yet in most cases we take them only for a relatively short time and according to the doctor’s instructions, and then we quit. But of course, there are rare cases in which prescription drug use can get out of hand. For example, if you continue to take drugs longer than you need them, or if you use them in ways that aren’t prescribed, this could signal that you’ve descended into drug abuse and may need treatment. Here are a few concrete signs that you may have reached this point.

You’re exhibiting any of the telltale physical symptoms of prescription drug abuse. The exact symptoms depend on the drug. If you’re using opioids, the symptoms may include depression, constipation, low blood pressure, or confusion. For sedatives and tranquilizers the symptoms may include drowsiness, poor judgment, confusion, and loss of motivation. And for stimulants the symptoms may include high blood pressure, insomnia, irritability, and weight-loss.
You’ve engaged in illegal or unethical means to get more prescriptions. For example, if you’ve lied to a doctor or forged prescriptions, this is obviously a bad sign.
You’ve visited multiple doctors in an effort to get more prescriptions than you need.
You get anxious and panicky when your supply runs low.
You engage in secretive behaviors surrounding your drug use. You may take the drugs without anyone knowing, and you may hide your pills where no one will find them.
You’re obsessed with your drug use and have lost interest in other aspects of life.
Even after multiple attempts, you can’t bring yourself to stop using the drugs.

If you’re showing any of these symptoms, you’re probably addicted and may need drug treatment. Talk to your doctor about your options, or get in touch with a drug abuse treatment facility in your area.