Prescription Acne Medication – Which is Best For Treating Acne?

Many the ones who suffer locate a prescription acne medication after getting virtually no results with over-the-counter washes and creams. For many people over-the-counter treatments work efficiently while some require a more powerful solution. Having seen a skin doctor, they’ll prescribe a prescription medicine for the acne. We’ll review probably the most effective prescription drugs for acne below so that you can suggest all of them with your physician.

Prescription Strength Benzoyl Peroxide: You might have attempted or used Benzoyl Peroxide since it is frequently offered over-the-counter. However, there’s different strength and concentration levels along with a physician can prescribe a much more powerful version then your ones offered in shops. Benzoyl Peroxide works effectively for destroying acne causing bacteria frequently occasions the ones who suffer see great outcomes utilizing a more powerful concentration.

Retinoids: Probably the most popular prescription acne medicine is Retinoids. They’re usually a topical ointment or gel that’s applied a couple of times each day. They may also be used orally. Some popular Retinoids are Retin-A and Differin. They work by unclogging pores therefore stopping and stopping breakouts.

Antibiotics: For moderate to very severe acne antibiotics are frequently prescribed either orally or utilizing a topical medication. The antibiotics effectively destroy bacterias which stops acne from developing. The down-side of antibiotics is it may be the slowest to consider effect and find out results.

Skins: Less common, however, many doctors will recommend skins depending on the skin type and harshness of your acne. It functions by securely shedding and taking out the top layer of skin which enables obvious healthy skin to consider its place. You shouldn’t be startled through the name since it is painless and it has virtually no negative effects unlike a few of the other prescription drugs.