Overbite, Underbite, and Crossbite- How do they differ?


Dental disorders are not uncommon. Many people are familiar with dental disorders and oral diseases. But, you may be surprised to know that many dental disorders are genetically related. One of the most common problems is a bite problem. It not only affects your oral health but may also impact your breathing, speech and facial appearance. Thankfully, today’s modern implants dentist Toronto has made possible, many corrective measures to improve your smile and different types of bite problems.

Different types of bite problems


Overbite is the most common problem of oral health. In overbite problem, the upper teeth of the mouth overlap the lower ones. In case, if this overlap increases, this can lead to oral problems. A huge overlap causes the deep overbite which will wear down the lower teeth faster. It may also push your chin back towards the jaw joint. This pushing back can cause severe jaw pain or clicking. An overbite can be hereditary but this can also be caused by some childhood habits like thumb sucking, prolonged bottle feeding, etc.


An underbite is just opposite to overbite because here the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth of the mouth. This bite problems are rare but have very severe effects. An underbite can cause problems like headaches, ear pain, and facial pain. This can also be due to poor habits like thumb sucking in childhood days, nail-biting or prolonged bottle feeding. This can lead to wearing down of upper teeth or may even lead to chipped teeth. This can affect breathing, speech and facial appearance.


Crossbite is termed as when the entire upper teeth fall inside the lower teeth. Anterior crossbite is when only the front teeth fall inside. Here, the lower teeth are closer to cheeks giving space to upper teeth to fit inside them or vice versa. The main cause of crossbite is when the baby teeth don’t fall properly. This can lead to gum diseases and other tooth problems. Another major reason for crossbite is deviation of tooth position or an abnormal jaw.

Bite problems and their severity:

The main reason for having the bite problems are poor childhood habits. So, it is very important to take dental care at a very young age. If untreated, bite problems can lead to issues like jaw pain, headaches, facial pain, shoulder pain, back pain. It can also lead to oral cavities, tooth decay, enamel erosion, plaque formation, etc.

How can you solve bite problems?

Implants dentist Toronto can solve the bite problems. You can go for treatment like braces, Invisalign and other dental procedures.

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