Why You Should Change Bong Water Regularly

There are different opinions on the quality of water in bongs and how often it should be changed. Water conditions affect different aspects of smoking experience, let’s see why.

Few things exceed the pleasure of a bong loaded with marijuana of good quality. However, taking a bong and seeing it filled with water can be quite unpleasant, especially in a group session. A bong with dirty water does not just make you look lazy and neglected, it can also have negative effects on enjoyment, so make sure you change it often!

Changing bong water regularly has many benefits, not only for taste and power but also for health. Studies show that filtration through water is effective in reducing compounds found in smoke; the water also helps to make the smoke fresher and lighter. But if the water in the bong is dirty? How healthy is it?

Dirty Water in the Bong: Bacteria are Driven Into Your Lungs

Bacteria are believed to form in the used bong water after a long time of stagnation. Disgusting!! It does not seem like a very healthy or pleasant thing to smoke. And in fact, we breathe the water content, and this means giving the bacteria a direct passage to your lungs, thus increasing the risk of infection. There are also chemicals in the stagnant bong water, which over time takes a dark color of sewage water. To avoid any additives, you can also filter the water. This last point concerns those who really care about the content, and can be considered excessive; however, the question of bacteria should not be taken lightly.

And As Regards Aroma and Taste?

We talk about the smell from two points of view: the smell of your bong, and that of the smoke that is generated. Regarding the bong, leaving you with the dirty water exposes you to the feared risk of the overturned bong, with all the filthiness that pours out and possibly stain the carpets with its smell and rancid color. Therefore, the simple fact of regularly changing the water drastically eliminates the odor and possible stains.

The bong itself is another factor. If you have a nice glass bong, a design object that has cost you a lot, or you have decided to buy bongs in Ontario, why keep stagnant water?

In conclusion, it is better to change the bong water regularly. Some say that you change it every time you use it, others change it once a day – the choice is yours. But without a doubt, for the optimal enjoyment, you should keep your bongs clean and change the water often.