Why Choose Health Travel?

Health Travel, sometimes known as medical travel, health tourism, or medical tourism is really a term that describes the entire process of people traveling outdoors that belongs to them country to acquire general medical surgery, dental surgery, or cosmetic cosmetic surgery at prices substantially less expensive than they’d pay within their home country.

Health travel is really a quickly growing phenomenon. More and more people are learning that countries for example Mexico, Singapore, South america, Panama And Nicaragua ,, Thailand and India give a high standard of health care at significant savings over typical U.S. prices – that’s, first world healthcare at under developed prices.

So why do people choose health travel?

Current statistics estimate over two million Americans already traveled abroad to accredited worldwide hospitals offering top class care at savings as much as one-tenth the price of exactly the same procedures in america. The medical tourism marketplace is forecasted to blow up to $100 billion by 2012, driven through the age-related health problems from the “baby boomer” generation. The growing phenomenon of medical travel could be related to several factors: · No Medical Health Insurance – You will find 48 million Americans without medical health insurance, another 40 million are underinsured – that’s, they’ve medical health insurance but can’t afford our prime deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

· Limited Healthcare Coverage – Greater than two million Americans will declare medical personal bankruptcy this season even though 70% may have medical health insurance.

· More and more High Medical Health Insurance Premiums and Out-of-Pocket Costs – Previously five years, medical health insurance premiums have become at greater than 4 occasions the speed of wages.

· Lengthy Wait Occasions for all of us procedures – Average wait occasions for appointments with quality surgeons within the U.S., Canada and also the U.K. frequently exceeds 2 several weeks.

· Medical Health Insurance Providers Cancel Coverage – 25% of employers cancel coverage your day an worker leaves work because of disabling illness 50% cancel coverage within 12 several weeks.

· Worldwide Accreditation of Foreign Hospitals – The Worldwide Accreditation Process is handled through the Joint Commission, that also accredits U.S. hospitals. The accreditation process is really as rigorous because it is within the U.S.- but with no unnecessary bureaucratic documents.

· Enhancements in Worldwide Technology and Healthcare Standards – Foreign hospitals — presently numbering about 120, and growing — are not only mirroring the very best U.S. practices but they are proving itself to be innovators.

· U.S., U.K. and Europe Board Certified Surgeons Operating Overseas – Expatriate doctors who’ve been trained in america, United kingdom and Europe are coming back home to setup their practices where their cash goes significantly further.