The Best Vaporizer Flavors

The world of marijuana has given growth to an insane amount of different strains. By creating hybrids of strains with different genealogies, some wonderful things can happen. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different strains, all with unique variations in cannabinoid contents, as well as different terpenes, and therefore different flavors and scents. Not every one of these is worth mentioning when talking about the most pungent aromas and delicious vapors, but this article will bring a few different names to mind for the next time you get to shop around a dispensary and you’re wondering what you should purchase for the best vaporizer experience.

  1. Black Cherry Soda: This candy looking strain of bright purple flower buds with neon orange trichomes is named exactly the way it tastes and smells. Even when smoking this, many people are reminded of their cherry soda chugging childhood days, so vaporizing it brings it to the next level. This crazy sweet pot is a cross between many strains, but in the end it’s about an 80% sativa dominant, so save this one for day time and social events, because you might not feel that it helps you much with sleeping.
  2. Big Buddha Cheese: The UK certainly does not have a notable reputation when it comes to marijuana cultivation, but Big Buddha Cheese is a happy accident, a cross of classic UK cheese and an Afghani indica strain. While there’s quite a bit of yellow kief on these buds, it’s actually got a pretty low THC content, so this one may be better for some newcomers, or even just those who treat their weed like wine. A lot of people report flavors reminiscent of parmesan or similar cheeses, but with a slight hint of sweetness.
  3. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies: A genetically improved upon version of Girl Scout Cookies, the Thin Mint version does add a slight minty aroma to the mix. This strain was bred for a high THC count of 24% with very little CBD to counteract it, so less experienced smokers or vapers could be quite easily surprised at how fast the intense cerebral buzz might overtake them. The beauty with a vape is you can prolong the effects by taking small hits in slow intervals, but the flavor will linger in your mouth for much longer between hits.