Reasons behind drug abuse

Drug abuse statistics in recent times have been baffling, to say the least. More than 80% of the high school students know someone who smokes, drinks or has used drugs in the last few days. Marijuana, the most commonly used drug among teenagers is fast gaining more popularity along with stronger drugs like oxycodone, LSD, and cocaine. Getting out of these habits and addictions becomes more problematic and difficult as the dependence increases. One might need to be admitted to rehab centres at London medical detox centre for getting the proper treatment and to fight against the abuse and relapse of addiction.

Dealing with stress

Young people, mostly teenagers in high school get introduced to drugs as a means to relieve stress. Even adults use drugs to get the high of not being stressed about their daily lives. At a younger age, however, the implications are higher, and the chances of relapse are greater. High school bullying is one of the leading triggers of drug abuse in the United States. This is followed by the need to be more popular in school.


More than 50% of the drug addicts admit that they got introduced to the drugs because they wanted to try it out. Nearly 3000 teenagers in the United States are introduced to a drug each day. This staggering number is the one that needs to be curbed in the very beginning through counselling and therapy sessions. Use of drugs for one time, and the effects it has one the body makes the teenagers want to try or use it repeatedly, eventually leading to addiction.

Peer pressure

More than 40% of the high school students who have tried drugs at some point in time have done so under the influence of their peer group. The fear of being left out if the company you are in is trying out these substances makes people try them out. The belief that a single use may not do anything is the one that drives them to use and abuse.

Medication abuse

People dealing with chronic pain and who are dependent on medication sometimes get used to the same which is similar to drug abuse. While they may only be required to medicate for a short period of time, the high they get on taking the medication may cause them to be more dependent on the same even after the medical use of the substance is no longer there.