Online Pharmacy v/s Local Pharmacy: Which is better?

With the advancement in the ecommerce industry, nearly everything: from a spoon to a vehicle can be ordered from the online market. However, some customers still prefer the conventional mode of dealing with the transactions by buying from the local market; since they are afraid of the duplicity in the quality and many other mistrusting factors. And when it comes to pharmacy, it’s a huge tug of war between online and local pharmacy. We have rooted down the key differences between the two below. Read on.


Online Pharmacy

One of the biggest advantages of buying medicine online is the price. The medicines you buy online carries no extra cost which is hence added in the case of local pharmacy. The cost of the medicine is low because it does not include any transportation cost from the manufacturer to the local pharmacy. There is a direct B2C connection which hence makes the operation cost-efficient.

The second biggest convenience of online pharmacy is the convenience. With the emergence of FMCG concepts, if medicines are needed on an urgent basis, you can order the medicine online in a jiffy. Also, it saves the time and energy to travel from your home to the pharmacy store.

Local Pharmacy

Local pharmacy also bears some advantages over online pharmacy. Many orthodox customer still prefer to buy from a local pharmacy than ordering medicine online. Maybe they do not possess the knowledge of ordering online or they just have trust issues when it comes to ordering stuff online. Also, if you need some medicine in urgency, you may have to travel distances to find the right medicine. It wastes time, effort, and energy.

The second disadvantage of local pharmacy is the price. The price of the medicine available in the local pharmacy is costlier than online pharmacy because it includes various costs and taxes, and especially transportation cost from the manufacturer to the pharmacy stores. It follows various processes to disperse the batches of medicines all over the country, which obviously adds to the cost. Hence, the customers are charged more for the medicine.

Who wins the tug of war?

It seems like online pharmacy wins this race. As convenient and pocket-friendly ordering medicine online is, it also ensures delivering top quality medicines to the customers. There are various research and development teams, and quality assurance team to ensure that the medicines are reached safely to the person in need.