How does SARM act as AAS?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators a.k.a SARMS a unique group of molecules that are developed to treat ailments which have been now treated with anabolic androgenic drugs. Some SARMS have gone to TRT (Testosterone Replacement therapy) trial.

SARMS demonstrate hypertrophic and anabolic activity in both bone and muscle when they bind to the receptor. This helps to treat TRT, muscle wasting and osteoporosis patients. For bodybuilders SARMS provide traditional AAS benefits such as muscle gain, fat loss, and bone density gain with only fewer unwanted estrogenic side effects.Anabolic to the androgenic ratio at 10:1 is present in SARMS. That’s how they build muscles with little to no side effects.

SARM Legality

SARMS for sale condition is legal, when it is sold for research purpose only. The users may notice SARMS retailers display disclaimers like for lab purpose only and not for human consumption. When the law changes the retailers can sell them without the interference of the Government.

If the users purchase or consider a SARM product labeled as a dietary supplement and / or marketed for bodybuilding purpose, then it is strongly recommended not to use such product as they may pose some health risks. One important thing should be noted that such SARMS might stop the natural production of testosterone.

Most of the companies sourced from the USA include SARMS as ingredients. The United Kingdom law clearly states that if a product is labeled as a supplement and does not contain approved substances, then it is considered as illegal.SARMS for sale is possible since it is available as experimental chemicals through online and over-the-counter.


Though SARMS drugs deliver a few benefits of anabolic androgenic drugs, still they are not as effective as AAS. However, SARMS never fails to boost muscle growth more than the natural supplements available on the market. They may be safer to take, but it cannot be expected as the safest at all time. Research reports that SARMS have the tendency to decrease the male hormone production and impact the endocrine system negatively, and it has the chance of increased risk of cancer.

Ligandrol, Testolone and Ostarine are three SARM compounds for bulking. They really enhance a bulking cycle for maximum muscle gains. These SARMS do not have androgenic side effects and produce AAS like gains. Since it suppresses testosterone production, Post cycle therapy should be taken immediately.

SARM Dosage

Each SARM dosage is different. Every SARM has a slightly different chemical structure. LGD 4033 is the best SARM for bulking process at 5-10 mg/day. Testolone gives great bulking results around 10-15 mg / day. Ostarine is dosed at 20-30 mg/day. Generally, SARM cycles take up to 12 weeks followed by a 4-6 full post cycle therapy.

It is not necessary to multiple SARMs during one cycle. All SARMS almost have similar function, parallel side effects but with different strengths. SARM stacking is a dreadful one. Most of the SARMS are not methylated so, they are non-toxic to the liver. Then there is no need to take liver supplements.