Healthy Activities for Summer Fun

Summer is a great time for many families, with a wealth of fun activities that kids of all ages can indulge in while the sun is shining and winter is fast becoming a bad memory. If you live in a big city you might want to take the kids to everything from street festivals with food trucks and free music to concerts in the park or free art shows.

Your kids will love a day at the beach, no matter where that beach is located. Just the chance to get out of the city for a weekend and camp among the trees makes every kid end the day with a smile on their face. But no matter where you live, summer is the time for families to get out and enjoy the day. Here are a few ideas you may want to steal from us to get your family out and enjoying the summer months. All too soon we will be back to shoveling snow and dreaming of the days when we could wear shorts and flip flops all day long.

Heading to the Beach

The beach has to be the all time best place to be in the summer for just about any family. The brisk sea air makes just about anyone want to get out there and explore the beach. If you are lucky enough to live in Southern California your kids can enjoy a beach day every day this summer at Santa Monica’s pier with a wealth of great summer camps.

Just checking out Fitness by the Sea’s list of 101 activities for kids is enough to get you to sign them up pronto for a summer of fun for your kids. If your kids love the beach and want to be there every day, this day camp is just the ticket to get them brown, happy and tired from fun activities by the time you swing by to pick them up after work.

Family Camping

Our family grew up with the tradition of heading out of the city and into one of the many great state parks or national park sites for two weeks of camping under the stars. My father would start whistling a tune as he packed up the car and before you knew it we would be out on the highway and heading for adventure! Today camping might be a bit more complicated, as campsites fill up quickly and often need to be booked in advance. But even if you end up camping in the back yard, nothing quite beats that sensation of sleeping in a sleeping bag, the canvas walls of your tent echoing every sound of the night.

If you long to get out there, check out the websites for the state and national campsites to make your reservations today. If you can’t afford to go that route, talk to your local church or city organization to find out if they organize kids’ camps in your area. Your kids will love it and you may even get a chance to join them for some of the time.