Female Hair Loss – Causes and Treatments

Hair loss in women can be caused by a variety of things, including a poor diet and genes, both of which are common causes of hair loss in women. That means if you’ve noticed that your hair has begun to thin over the crown and your ponytail lacks the bulk that it used to, you’re not alone and there are ways to treat the loss of hair that you’re experiencing.

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss can be hereditary, which means it’s been passed down either by your mother or your father, though there are other causes of hair loss that females experience. Moreover, most female hair loss can be treated effectively, so help is at hand!

Diet – If you’re not eating a good diet, there’s a very good chance that your hair loss is due to a lack of nutrients that you should be getting in a balanced diet. Some of the nutrients that are essential for healthy hair include zinc, protein and vitamin B12, so eat lots of leafy greens, lean meats, eggs and fish and you should notice an improvement.

Medical Conditions – It should come as no surprise that there are many medical conditions that can result in women losing their hair. Pregnancy, thyroid disorders and anaemia are three of the most common causes of hair loss in women, so the treatment required may be a hormonal treatment. If you’re experiencing hair loss as a result of being pregnant or a medical condition, your hair may regrow naturally once you’re over the symptoms.

As you can see, there’s been no mention of pattern baldness, which is the type of hair loss that most affects males, as male and female hair loss are usually not caused by the same things, except for poor diet, as a poor diet isn’t good for anyone’s hair, whether male or female!

Seeking Treatments for Female Hair Loss

As there are a number of treatments for female hair loss, women have many options when looking for ways to slow the hair loss they’re experiencing or successfully regrow their hair.

Laser – These treatments can be effective, as they target the inflammation in hair follicles that prevents them from regenerating, however, many women find them uncomfortable. You should read up on laser treatments if you’re considering this kind of treatment.

Stress Relief – As stress is often a major cause of hair loss in women, stress relief methods, including yoga and deep breathing exercises, can be very effective at treating female hair loss. Meditation has been shown to improve health in many ways and good health usually means healthy hair.

These are two of many methods that have been used with great effect to treat female hair loss. What’s more, there are many more non-invasive methods that have proven popular which are now seen as effective alternatives to hair transplants and implants.

Whatever the cause of your hair loss, when you understand what it is, you’re empowered to seek an effective treatment. Follow these tips to treat female hair loss effectively.