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You will see a lot of people favouring the use of Anadrol or Dianabol but Anavar is no less than them. Many professional male body builders and athletes take resort to fast fat burning dietary supplementation products like Anavar and report of huge benefits from the drug in very quick time. Although some female users have come across with some serious health effects but no one has denied the awesome beneficial effects that Anavar can incur in the body within short exposure time. Do you think this difference in the effects caused is due to misregulation of the product? Or is it wrong dosage cycles followed by the users? Is it important to take advice from your dietician regarding the use of Anavar and similar medications? It is always suggested to consult with your health physician regarding the regulation of Anavar dosage cycles and dose strengths according to the tolerance capacity of your body, since every user has a unique biological makeup and can react differently to exogenous steroidal medications like these. There are few steroidal products that can promise with you long lasting and effective results at the end of the dietary cycle and it is left on you to choose the best acting steroid for your body type.

Is Anavar effective in giving you quick muscle gains?

When it comes down to using Anavar for muscle building, nothing can work best in such short time of administration and give you awesome bulking effects. If you want to keep more of your Anavar gains then you should definitely try discussing the dose strengths with your physician before taking any strength of pills or injections. Anavar has not been considered as one of the fastest acting anabolic steroidal compounds that help you getting huge muscle gains and body strength, since the effects are milder than other strong anabolic drugs. This is like an advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

Advantage because with mild effects, it does not have the potential to cause very serious health hazards on slight misregulation. But disadvantage is that there are so many more potentially active and stronger anabolic products that are available in the market and thus, people prefer the use of the stronger ones than the gentle ones for quick and massive muscle bulking.

How should a beginner’s Anavar cycle be?

Another big advantage on using Anavar for first time users is that it is widely used as a starter pack for them because of its mild effects. It can help you understand whether anabolic effects on your muscle are suitable through administration of exogenous dietary products. Accordingly then you can later on take stronger anabolic products for huge muscle building and energy gains.

If you wish to keep more of your Anavar gains, you should start your cycle by taking small dose strength of 20 mg per day. Female consumers can go even a level down to 10 mg per day.