If you have always love armodafinil tablets, then artvigil is what you need to get an intense armodafinil experience. Artvigil is an armodafinil generic pill manufactured by HAB Pharmaceutical Ltd with each tablet containing 150mg of armodafinil. If you have been looking for a wakefulness drug, you can purchase armodafinil online at any online pharmacy store.

Armodafinil is a drug for people that want to stay focus and alert for a longer time than usual. A good alternative to Provigil manufactured by Cephalon Inc.


In case you might not know, modafinil molecule contains two enantiomers which are the R and S modafinil. The R modafinil is stated to be more active than the S modafinil as far as alertness promotion is concerned.

As armodafinil only contains the R modafinil, it means that armodafinil is more powerful than modafinil.

Armodafinil is a more powerful version of modafinil, and this makes it slightly expensive than modafinil. Though, they both have the same half-lives, armodafinil peaks harder and faster than modafinil, providing a more focused and intense experience.

Some feedbacks from users of both drugs say that they prefer armodafinil to modafinil because it has much more stronger effect. While you may need 200mg of modafinil to feel stronger and stay alert, you just need 150mg of armodafinil to get the same or a more intense experience.

To clear your doubt, you can check online for modafinil prescription so as to see for yourself.


Artvigil is presently the big name when it comes to armodafinil tablets. Users of artvigil swear that it is effective and worth the cost. Artvigil is a generic version of Nuvigil (another separate brand) but cost lesser than it.

Reviews gotten from users, states that artvigil start working 2 hours after consumption and last up to 6 and 8 hours. Though, the experience differs from person to person.

The only wakefulness pill to be compared with artvigil is Waklert, produced by Sun Pharmaceuticals. Moreover, different categories of people find Waklert more smoother than artvigil. Others find artvigil more effective. Only you can decide which is better after you have tried both.


Artvigil is packed in a blisters of 10 per strip and packaged with aluminum plastic coverings. The packaging is done to protect the drug from external conditions and ensure its freshness and strength.


It is important to note that any chances of experiencing any side effects is reduced if a user take the recommended daily drug dosage. It is recommended officially for first time users to take half dose (75mg) of the drug per day. The half dose is enough the give them the full effect of the pill.

Regular users can take the 150mg daily to experience the effect.


After purchase and confirmation of payment, the product is shipped within 24 hours. You can make payment with your credit card and be expecting your order between 7 to 14 days.