Are You Interested to Know the Opinion of An Experienced Bodybuilder About Anadrol?

You must have certainly heard a lot about Anadrol and read lots of reviews written by various marketers who wants to push their sales by showing you rosy pictures. You must have also read reviews written by few users. If you are confused after reading so much about Anadrol then perhaps reading the review expressed by an experienced body builder may reveal many things that perhaps none would have told you about Anadrol.

If you are really serious about building muscles then the best steroid to start with would be Anadrol. You may also stack with some other drug if you wish. However, make sure that you maintain a proper schedule of the cycle if you are really serious about the result.

What should be right dosage?

According to an experienced body builder, he feels that if you exceed 100 mg in a day, it will do no good to you rather you may get certain undesirable side effects which you never wanted. Therefore, limit your dosage within 50 to 100 mg in a day. There is no need to go beyond this even if you do not observe sufficient gain.

If you buy a bottle of Anadrol then it will contain 60 capsules of 50 mg pill each. Start by taking 1 pill along with your meal every day and watch if everything is going fine. After that you can increase it to 2 pills in a day by taking 1 pill with each meal.

You must continue to maintain your schedule for 6 weeks consistently. You will certainly find great change in your muscles.

Results of Anadrol

If you are suffering from any muscle wasting diseases then perhaps Anadrol is the best solution for you. This is best steroid to be used during bulking cycle. You will find that your muscles are growing very fast. People around you will also notice and will start giving you compliment. Anadrol is so much effective for people, who are suffering from such problems.

Advantages of Anadrol

  • You can buy Anadrol legally if you can produce prescription
  • It is available in pill form and hence no need to use injection
  • Within a week you will notice changes in you
  • In a month, you can expect about 20 to 30-pound gain
  • Best steroid to get muscle strength
  • Blood cell production increases and provides oxygen to muscles.