Anadrol: The Fierce Steroid

Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is one of the most potent steroids on this planet. These are sometimes referred as ‘A-bombs’ by the athletes, which definitely signifies the huge impact it has had on them till now. But before, it came into the market for bodybuilding purposes, the main agenda was to cure anemia i.e. low red blood cell count. It was observed that this drug also helped in many diseases, where the patient ought to suffer from weight loss. And since then, this drug is very prevalently used for weight gains.

Its Wondrous Effects

Anadrol is the synthetic derivative of naturally occurring testosterone.  It is a 17-Alpha-Alkylated form i.e. the drug has been modified at the 17th carbon position, to prevent its damage in the oral pathway, before the drug hasn’t been absorbed into the cells. This modification helps the cells to prevent early detoxification by the liver. (However, this even has a drawback, that the drug take its toll on liver, surviving the first pass). It improves the nitrogen balance of the body but only in the conditions of optimum calories intake. This nitrogen balance augments the protein-assimilating capacity of the body, which is significant for all muscle related activities. In the anemic patient, Anadrol boosts the erythropoietin synthesis and also its urinary excretion. Thus, it is evidently an operational agent for stimulating weight gain, augmenting appetite, achieving strength, and increasing RBC count. The drug being so powerful is highly monitored too. It is not available easily, without prescription in the market. Many vendors provide discount prices on Anadrol pills.

How to get hold of this drug?

Without a prescription, it is highly unsafe to buy this drug. Since the trafficking is not legal in many countries. This is when people turn to online stores to purchase this drug. It is preferential to buy the drugs from European countries because of their high and strict manufacturing standards as compared to other countries like China. It is suggested that the quality of drug purchased from the European sides is more likely to be unadulterated in nature. It is easy to buy drugs online internationally through international merchants.

Anadrol pill cycles, doses, and side-effects

Anadrol pills are generally available in 50mg/day dosage. For the beginners, a dose which is half of the available is prescribed. The pill can be easily divided into halves by using a knife. Once a person starts using this drug, the tolerance level increases and hence the dosage also needs to be increased accordingly. A maximum of 100mg/day should be taken by the experienced bodybuilders. There are loads of risk associated with this dose or doses higher. The cycle should be continued till 6 weeks. When the body becomes habituated with this drug, the natural testosterone production is hampered, even stops in some case, leading to development complications. Higher doses of Anadrol can cause hunger suppression too. It can also lead to increased complications of diabetes, by raising insulin resistance. There may be problems of hyperlipidemia, though not very severe when compared to other steroids.

So, one must consider all the reviews before buying these steroids, even when purchasing online where one gets discount prices on Anadrol pills.