Accenture Launches Two Interactive Virtual-Assistant Bots

In a move to enhance its Intelligent Patient Platform, Accenture introduces AI bots Ella and Ethan, two interactive virtual-assistant bots that use artificial intelligence (AI) to constantly learn and make intelligent recommendations for interactions between life sciences companies, patients, health care providers (HCPs), and caregivers.

Ella is a virtual care assistant for patients that provides medication reminders, vitals tracking, and appointment scheduling. “This information enables life sciences companies to provide patients with a personalized, interactive way to manage their health and engage with their care team members,” the company explained in a press statement.

Ethan is a “virtual service assistant for health care providers that enable life sciences companies to help HCPs more easily engage with patients, better monitor their health activity, and coordinate with other care team members to provide critical services in a more holistic manner. This includes providing proactive recommendations on content and services for healthcare professionals to provide patients to support patient treatment and improve engagement.”

The company said the two bots are designed to help improve a patient’s health and overall experience and are part of Accenture’s Salesforce Fullforce Solutions, which is powered by Salesforce Health Cloud, Einstein AI, and Amazon’s Alexa.

Accenture Life Sciences managing director, Tony Romito said the Accenture Intelligence Platforms continued to expand the value of using analytics and collaborative technologies to support the healthcare industry’s goal to deliver better outcomes.

Accenture will provide live demos of Ella and Ethan at Accenture Dreamforce, which is running between September 25 and 28.

There is a boom in the healthcare AI market, with momentum driven by the increased use of machine learning applications, with IBM’s Watson Health AI gaining “huge traction across the healthcare industry.”

Accenture projects that the health AI market, which was worth $600 million in 2014, will grow to $6.6 billion 2021 and to gain a foothold in this industry, the company says it has to continue to invest in developing new technology.

An aging population coupled with the rising costs of care is calling for the digital transformation of healthcare. In the words of world renowned cardiologist Simon Stertzer,Real change in healthcare comes with imagination and subsequent innovation: thinking in new and different ways; trying things that were previously deemed inconceivable.

Bottomline: the time is now for healthcare leaders to embrace artificial intelligence. The reinvention of healthcare will be powered by AI to speed up care delivery for providers and improve access for patients.

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